Planet Hahn is a crime ridden world in the Sagitarius System.

Criminal ActivityEdit

Hahn is home to numerous competing gangs and syndicates made up of multispecial members. The Trakes are one of the non Consortium "grassroots" gangs to form on this planet in the district of Mugford. The West Sici Bulls and the Antarean Roqs are their most hated rivals and often clash through means of air combat and ground combat.


The planet has a heavily polluted atmosphere due to lack of environmental regulations. Certain Consortium controlled areas are filled with fresh air from giant vents, but other areas particularly those in the lower levels often have unclean air.


The planet for the most part, is usually very warm year round. However parts of the lower cities have cooler air as the sunlight is blocked by the plates above. In some polar and near polar regions snow falls and temperatures can drop to -4 C.

Native SpeciesEdit

There are very few native species on this planet that aren't imported from elsewhere. The Hahn Worm is a large worm that occupies underground areas. It can grow to be large enough to swallow a humanoid (albeit unintentionally since it eats dirt). The Gerbs are tiny mammals that often cary disease and can be found infesting tunnels and dirty areas. Gerbs is a name derived from Gerbil.

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