Nori on Gijor in 2158

Gijor is a planet in the Gijor Sector, not far from planet Galstradda It is the location of the legendary anti aging springs.


A Stagnillian named Daymok Galon Took everything neaded to procure the water and harvest it on other planets, however his ship was brought down by Celestian Fighters, crashing it into a strong tree. 


In his early days, Black-Ears visited the planet in a botched attempt to harvest the water himself. Amargosa and his crew were able to stop him and a large Stagnillian Invasion force sent to destroy the springs as a tactical advantage. 


The planet is made over into a spa and becomes a famous destination for people after the war.


The spa facilities are destroyed by invading forces of Celestians who kidnap and sell its creaters into slavery. The planet is claimed as Celestian territory and used as a spa for them. 

2154 Edit

an explosion of its moon hurtles the planet into an eccentric orbit, and slows its rotation down slightly. The changes result in major climate changes, the vegetation all dies off, the oceans evaporate, and the wind speed accelorates to dangerously high speeds knocking over buildings and towers. The remains of Galon's ship are covered in sand and the planet is abandoned to die. only 12 species of animals remain out of 50,000 plus. 

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