The Genanix Corperation Is a major company located in Lakotapolis, South Dakota. It is featured in many different works.

In IntrospectiveEdit

Genanix is working on advanced studies on connecting cybernetix with the human body. However their test subjects expirienced a few issues, and have gone mentally insane. Chetan tries to find out what happened to his brother, and it takes him to the corperate headquarters on Yemen St. downtown.

At the time, the ceo is Bill Gedly, and the vice president is Laura Brettle. (2015)

In Other ThingsEdit

In the tale "New Life" in the future chronicles, Crispin Trotter, a 45 year old man who lost everything travels to a body swapping outlet owned by Genanix Co, which apparently settled down from its violent careless past. Trotter desires to be a young high school athlete and skateboarder and go back to school to become the coolest kid in class. Trotter pics his ideal options from a kiosk, and is matched with a few different teens. He chooses a boy named Dylan Casengen, a thin, well toned skateboarder and football player with longish brown hair, bright green eyes, and well endowed. After the switch Trotter askes Casengen why he wanted to trade. Casengen responds that he wanted to be older, smarter, able to drink, and "not be so scrawny". Trotter assumes the name Dylan Trotter, and attends high school in Orange County, California in foster care.

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