Fear And Loathing in Toon Vegas is a parody of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, using Disney Characters rather than the real ones.


It features Mickey as Raoul Duke, Goofy as Lacerta, Donald as Dr. "Donzo", Daisy Duck as Lucy, and Wendy as the girl in the elevator among others.

Drug UseEdit

Since drugs aren't acceptable in the Disney Verse, all Drug refrences from the original film have been replaced with humorous whimsical titles. Silly Stuff, "Disney Magic", Confetti, and Happy Birthday are among them. However, all alcohol references are intact oddly enough.

The Use of Walt Disney as a DietyEdit

All refrences to Jesus Christ, and God have been replaced with "Walt Disney". For instance, Mickey Mouse says "Holy Walt Disney what are these goshdarn animals!?"

Sexual ReferencesEdit

All have been removed with the exception of those that could not. There is one particular scene however, where Minnie licks Mickey's Arm.

The 1920sEdit

The golden age of cartoons has replaced the 60s as the nostolgia period. Mickey has flashbacks to the days of Minstrel cartoons as well as a rural American landscape in Timeless River.