Elvis Lager


Elvis Lager is a beer seen in the ES universe. It is a beer that is frequently drank by Jesse Chester, who claims its his favorite. Elvis Lager is brewed in Delkin City in what used to be the Wagon Queen Factory. Apparently before that it was brewed elsewhere. Its almost the Budweiser of the universe but it is more of a parody of Brooklyn Lager, and Flying Dog.

Its a common beer served at many restaurants, Bars, and social occasions.

It's AppearancesEdit

-Prospective displays it prominently throughout the fiction. It's Jesse's favorite drink, and he orders it all the time. Its also seen being drank by the hobo in Langhorne Square. In Shermerhorn Heights there is a billboard saying Elvis Lager, Beer fit for a king. Also It can be ordered in any bar.

-In Lucid it is still being drank by Jesse. There is a billboard for it on Shrazzel St. and a few other places. The Brewery is also located here and is involved in a mission. At Dashow Pizza, it is on the menu and can be ordered.

-In Introspective, The Chief can be seen drinking it while talking. You can also shoot them while training with the flintlock pistol that is received at the beginning. During Chetan's stay at Calvert, Johnny fills up his cow trough with it claiming its "Shit beer, far inferior to Karrap". There are also billboards, and bars.

-In Betwixt and Between, it is also featured in its usual locations, and on billboards along the highway.

-In Starbird, Akiti Drinks it causing weird affects on his head ("Pink Elephant" syndrome).

-In Grandview Canyon, Melissa drinks it at a party, and also gets it snuck in by her friends.

-In Technophobe there are billboards, and one of the characters remarks that its "odd that were still drinking this stuff".

-In Sonic The Hedgehog, hidden in Robotnik's Wine Cellar is a bottle of Elvis Lager.