Kipo is an Elf

Elves are a species and the main focus of the Nexlar Chronicles. They resemble really fair skinned humans with pointy ears. Their hair is often times really light blonde or strange natural colors.

The Elf is based on emotional response in that certain things produce certain emotions that humans would never be able to feel. It is believed that one such feeling solidifies their bond with nature, and aversion to the modern world. Some emotions can even be considered a euphoria, in a way that a human would use drugs, but without impaired judgement.

Elves are considered the most beautiful of the humanoids, and are sought out by intellectuals, artists, and exotic travelers as there are not many in human population centers such as Trevelon.

They also hold a strong system of honor, and trust sometimes to the point of naivety. However their intellect is also considered higher than that of humans.

Another remarkable feature of the elves is their ability to retain vast amounts of knowledge. They use a larger percentage of their brains than humans, and are capable of using magic without aid.