Dumbo Circus is what the whole Disney World would be doing every saturday night if Universal owned Disney. It was the stupidest thing ever! -Mickey Mouse

Dumbo Circus is a parody of "Bazooko Circus" which in turn is a parody of Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

In Fear And Loathing In Toon VegasEdit

Dumbo Circus is a Dumbo themed Circus style casino in Toon Vegas's Old Strip. It is apparently disliked by Mickey Mouse due to its overly intruding atmosphere when Mickey was under the influence of churros.


Dumbo Circus has a few features mentioned

-A revolving "Dumbo Ride" shaped bar

-Game stalls barked by Honest John, the Coachman and Giddeon

-A Giant Dumbo head entrance


-Slots (alleged)

-A performance above a net above the visitors

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