Dik Diks are sapient bats that live on Ree. They are not directly related to Earth bats but like humanoids have a common evolutionary path with humans, they have with bats on earth. It can be confusing because the non sapient batoids on their planet are also called Dik Diks. They have no relation to dikdiks on earth.

Habitat/Habits/and TechnologyEdit

Dik Diks live in caves and spend most of their time on the ceilings. Inside these caves are upsidown living spaces where a flock of dik diks would live, complete with a strange computer that is activated by pulling levers from the ceiling with their feet. They also seem to have invented something similar to TV, but different technologiaclly, relying more on sounds and blurry images due to their poor eyesight. The dik diks fly out of the caverns at night and hunt, and gather their prey to be shared among the colonies. Dik Diks light their caves with Lanterns that have fire on the bottom (or top if you are upside down), that is lit from the top. or bottom. or whatever. Dik diks do not lay eggs rather they give birth like bats on earth.


Their culture seems to be similar to most cave dwelling races in the universe. Their is an emphasis on sound however, because they have poor vision. They have bars with tubular alchoholic canisters that they spray into their mouths. If a Dik Dik gets too drunk it can fall on the ground. Dik dik music is very sonic based, and very "trippy". It is exactly the type of music you would expect bats to have. They also speak in very high pitched voices and shrills. Sex is not big in their culture, like it is in Karkans or Faci cultures. It is merely a method of propagation of their species. Dik diks mostly value hunting, and trade. They are a peaceful species despite their fierce look, and joined the Alliance to help foster universal peace.


Dik diks feed on insects, cattle like species, and small rodents. they are larger than Earth bats by a few meters and can take down larger prey at times. This is valued greatly as it provides feasts for an entire colony. They are a carnivorous species as you can tell.


The Dik Diks have no conventional religious belief. They at one time worshipped cave formations as dieties, but once they studied them realized that they were only rocks. They do however believe that religion is not needed and that a dikdik should just be good for the sake of being good and not for protection by a diety.

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