A Cormilion Ambassador during a dinner celebration on Neutral Roni after the signing of the Cormilion/Karkan/Faci Peace Alliance Treaty adding his species to the Human/Karkan Alliance.

Cormilions also spelled Cormillians, are the main inhabitants of Cormilius. They are usually large in appearance, They have irredescant or redish eyes, green skin, and clawed feet.


They live in massive metal circular cities with large roadways, that contain cities of skyscrapers, and floating ships.

Social Structure and CivilizationEdit

Cormilius is a theocratical society. The Cormilions worship Unja as their god, and banished heritics to the less fertile "unholy" side that always points away from Unja. These practices since wayned with the slow addmmittance that Unja is indeed just a gas giant. Lower classes live at the bottom of the cities caught in the grind of daily life, while the upper classes live in the tops of the towers connected by ships and walkways. The lower classes usually put on plays, that are watched by the upper classes when they have free time to come down to the ground floors. Some non-adventurous Cormilions even go their whole lives without ever having to touch the ground.


Cormilion females are treated as equals but at one point they were considered "too fragile and weak minded to make there own decisions" and therefor they were bound and controlled most of there lives during the Cormilion Dark Ages. This practice ended when a plague of war killed off most of the male population leaving the females to take charge in order to prevent a planet wide social and economic collapse.


Cormilian Gals you can't take them anywhere without them being an embarassment!

Notable CormilionsEdit



Cormilion Drifter




Alien Street Musician


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