Kentucky, USA


Fred Nash




Cornerstone City,


We ARE America!



Dominating Politics Mostly Republican
Major Industries Railroads, Country Music, Textiles, Glass, Steel, Lumber, Produce
Gangs Skeleton, Cholas, Redneck Mafia, Crackers, Melons, Glyphs
Higher Education University of Claxtonville
Sports Teams Claxtonville Locomotives (Baseball), Claxtonville Impalas (Football), Claxtonville Frosties (Hockey), Claxtonville Snakes (Basketball), Claxtonville University Diamonds (College Football), Claxtonville Renagades (Football) Deaf City Rollers (Roller Derby), Smartcars (Chess), Rulers (Soccer), Lumberjacks (Lacrosse), Claxtonville High Bees (Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Hockey)
Transportation Paragon Rail, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Claxtonville, Nashville, & Milwaukee RR, Uncle Bert's Taxi Co, Maxi Taxi, CTA Bus Service,
Law Enforcement and Such CVPD, FDCV, Claxtonville Emergency Response
Comapnies Claxtonville Steel, Claxtonville Glass, Unbreakable Glass Co, Tim's Lumber, Piper Cola, Spizzak Cola, Miranda's Skate Shop, Produce Fresh Farms, Delcren,

Claxtonville is a city in lower Kentucky bordering Tennessee. It was founded in 1798. Claxtonville has the character of several cities including Nashville, Lexington, and Cincinnati.

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