Chuck E. Cheese Is a resteruantuer and mobster in the spomeverse. He is greedy and jealous of Mickey Mouse, and hangs out with cheerleaders.

Money LaunderingEdit

Chuck E. Cheese's Diamond and Jewelry Exchange in Nanuet, New York is where Cheese gets his capital from. All investigations by the police have never yeilded any arrests.

Chuck E. Cheese


Unknown (late 40s probably)


Pizza Parlor Owner/Mobster


The Fun Time Gang


Mickey Mouse, Skaters, Rival Gangs


To take over Disney


Killed in a shootout with the Teletubbies.


Guns, Pizza Launcher, booby traps in his parlor.

Inside His WorldEdit

Chuck E. Cheese tries to copy Mickey Mouse In every way. In response to Soarin' Over California, Cheese has constructed "Flyin' Over Florida". The Ride is completely made from spoons he found in the kitchen and is shoddy and poorly maintained. He also has a constantly breaking down Animatronic show known as "The Country Cheese Jamboree". He also constructed arcade games out of cargo crates, after he went bankrupt. In the back rooms of his Parlor he plots with his "Fun Time Gang".

Drug DealingsEdit

Chuck E. Cheese is a supplier of drugs for other local gangs including the Teletubbies, and The Valenti Boys. He illegally imported cloned "Disney Magic" which he uses in the recipie of his "secret slice pizza".

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