Christiana (originally Planet Eden) is a planet settled by expats from Utah in 2073 wanting to establish a place truely devoted to "God and Jesus Christ", following a movement by a mormon leader to travel to what was assumed to be the Kolob. Soon after all christians started moving in and the planet divided into a council of nations, each representing a different sect.

War With GarsaEdit

in 2102, Christiana attacked Garsa for being immoral. To this day they are still fighting a cold war after preachers on Earth convinced them not to destroy the sinners just destroy the sin.

Garsite IncursionEdit

In January of 2157, a squadren of Garsites invaded the planet and attacked every major city with small amounts of Damanium charges. Stalor Kass, Cal, Trisha Adoyo, and Varillia arrived shortly after, and discovered Rinans looting the cities. They also were attacked by Garsites defending the planet from such acts. The way the attack was conducted seems to imply that the Garsites are planning to colonize the planet.


Instead of colonizing the planet the Garsites were deterred by a blockade lead by Akiti and the Karkan Alliance's major fleets. As a result the Dixie Raiders were able to fly in and conquer the world shortly after, turning it into the first of many planets in the Dixie Confederacy.

Outlawed On The PlanetEdit

Many things are outlawed being deemed too immoral these include:

-Rock Music/Hip Hop/Schitzo


-Homosexuality of any kind


-Video Games

-R Rated films (albeit rare in 2073 as todays R films would be rated pg13 then)


-Masturbation (though hard to enforce)

-Sex before marriage

-public displays of affection

-Theme Parks (unless they have to do with jesus)


-stem cell research

-mention of post 1980s Earth

Other Enforced Policy And PracticesEdit

-Marriage is manditory by age 27 and usually aranged

-Theocratic rule dictates manditory Church attendance on Sunday

-Hover vehicles are forbidden, Holy Car, and Godmobile the only two car manufacturers on the planet make copies of cars of the 50s, as well as some from the 40s and 70s Cadillacs to replicate the wholesome Americana image. They run however on Solar Charge, due to an absence of fossil fules due to no animal life on the planet until 2000 years ago (year 73AD).

-Teens who misbehave are sent to manditory "re-education" camps.

-Atmosphere is similar to 1950s America

-Mormonism was banned in 2110 due to the Jesite Reformation and the banning of Polygamy. Ironically this leads to an exile of Mormons to the moon. This was following a surge in immigrants from the southern United States and Kansas.

Known LocationsEdit

New Kansas City-largest city and capital of New Kansas

New Provo - Capital of the planet.

Jesus City

America State


New Illinois

Bush City

Perry City

Palin City

St. Mary

St. Paul

St. Francis

St. Louis II

New Washington

Davis City

Robert E Lee Parkway

Church of The Second Planet

New Earth


Thunder City

The Godsmobile Factory in New Michigan

Creed City

POD Museum

Jonas Brothers Memorial Stadium

New Disney Headquarters

New Disneyland (AKA Jesusland)




New New Egypt

Frog City

Polywog City


Hank Williams City

Santorum Valley


God's Blessing Valley

Falwell Springs

Ted Haggard Homosexuality Treatment Center

Holy Sacrament Forest

The Recreation of Jesus' Crucifixion (Town Name Unknown)



Hunting Range

Good Ole' American Fields

New Confederate State




New Chattanooga

New Nashville


Many have directed criticism toward christiana. They point out that christiana is a self righteous "target" for intersteller invasion, and its refusal to allow aliens cannot be defended, due to a focus on keeping a dumbed down 1950s society.