Buffalo Cerveza's first appearance in "The Purchase Protection Agency"

Buffalo Cerveza Is a beer found in Pat Who? Comics, as well as various other works. It is meant to be a parody of southern beers, as well as Carona. It's logo as seen in Road Caged is "The Sherrif Of Beer" a parody of Budweiser's King Of Beers slogan.

It also is drank commonly in Starbird and its sequels and prequels.


It's name was derived from a misremembering of something writer Jeremy Poliner said reguarding lame post college adults who's idea of fun is "Keys to the mini-van? WHOO HOO! Time to head out to Friday's! Buffalo Wings And Caronas! Life can't get much crazier than that!". The Original saying was "Buffalo wings and Coors Lights" .

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