Bubba Glubba's is a fast food chain founded in 1972.

The Choice in Food CampaignEdit

Bubba Glubba's was the organizer of the 2016 Choice in food campaign which fought to end health food education campaigns on the grounds that they "don't let people choose their own food." The campaign was little more than a ploy to get more money, but you try telling people that! The 2000s saw many such campaigns none of which lasted beyond 2032. 

Menu Edit

Bubba Stuffed Burger

Bubba Stuffed Fatso Burger 499cr 

Dinky Tinky Kiddie Meal 

Goodie Two-Shu's Mushu

Hubba Hubba Hot Dog

Glubba Water

Bubba's Pizza (and pizza with "extra tub") 

Bubba Tubba Fries

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