The Atoron (karkan for fire vessel) is a Karkan warship used in modern times. It has been designed to withold damage from high temperature weapons, and can come close to a star, close enough to cause any pursiuing vessels to fully melt.


200 years ago production began on the Atoron. It was completed approximately 20 years ago. It was considered for mass production at one point, however there were not enough materials in Zayke to acheive this. The Karkans being a peaceful species, did not want to rob any other planets of their materials.


The Atoron fought in the battle against Crotia. It was pursuied by twelve Crotian death cruisers but destroyed all of them by skirting the Yikmain Star.


The Atoron was destroyed defending Karkan One. It was taken down by the Crotian Flagship in one high powered blast of ice, causing it to crack up.

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