Montage Atlanta

attributed to United Statesmen of English Wikipedia

"Never Forget 03-22-71" plaque outside the city limits

Atlanta was a major city in the US state of Georgia, on planet Earth. It is located as a major southern city, and was considered high culture in the old south.


On March 22nd, 2071, Atlanta Georgia was attacked by a fleet of Crotian Vessels. At 9:23 AM the vessels were sighted comming from the north. By 9:39, they start open firing, causing a mass evacuation of the downtown area. by 10:00, the entire downtown is reduced to rubble.

Atlanta TodayEdit

Atlanta today is a shantytown, made from decaying rubble of the city. Buildings were constructed out of random ruins and resources from around the city, including cars, overturned skyscrapers, highways, and even large pipes. It is not advised that one travels through the downtown sector outside of the memorial gardens due to turf warfare. The outer reaches as well as closest suburbs are mostly industrialized and produce much of the world's plastic. (Source: Livin' In Hotlanta)

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