Alpha Centauri II is a small Mars Sized planet that is the second in the Alpha Centauri twin star system. The planet itself is mostly desert, yet breathable and has pleasant areas of rainforest and some quite beautiful vistas. In ancient times, visitors from here helped set up the Egyptian Culture.

Alpha Centauri II and its moon


The planet seems to have no native name. Names were contested at the begining of life, and the Haltoids and Dovians preceded the current dominant species, the Faci (or facis both are correct).

Planetary Profile: ACII


3 Billion Faci, 56,000 Dovians

Grav Levels

Medium light


Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen

Dominant Race


Main Language

Centaurian (facin)


Alpha Centauri Twin Star

War Level

Minor Conflict, mostly under control


Hot Dry, Rainy Seasoned


Habitable B

Physical Characteristics and ClimateEdit

The Planet itself has little cloud coverage except during the rainy season. It is also smaller than the Earth, and slightly less gravity. many beings travel to the planet on vacation due to its warm temperatures in the late fall and early winters, and its pleasureable company. It's light gravity is also fun to fool around with ("its not actually that light, but you feel giddy, and when you stand up fast enough you can actually float for a second you should try it it's awesome!"-Tiri) Despite its Desert like geology, it has a large northern ocean, that formed from the rainy seasons. Basically the planet is rainy all winter, hot all summer, and pleasant in between. (of course the north and south hemispheres are reverse seasoned from eachother, as with most habitable planets).

The ground is slightly active, and small earthquakes rumble across the continents a good amount of times per day. However none of these is enough to do anything other than feel like a train passed over you.


This planet is exotic, but has let influence from Karkan, Human, Nebulonian, Stagnillian, and other cultures seep in. The Faci have vowed not to disturb planets that are not aware of life elsewhere, which is why they haven't outright introduced to themselves to Earth. However the Faci have defended the earth from their mutual enemy the Stanal, one of the most feared species in the universe. Other than that, they have a pretty much "live and let live" policy/attitude, and are layed back and take what comes. Their females are considered very attractive by many races including reptillians, so there are many exotic dancers on other planets, trendy clubs, and on party cruises. The males are equally as attractive and have been models all across the universe. Most major cities are entertainment hotspo

A faci utility cavern

ts, filled with parties clubs, and drink, as the planet has some of the most powerfull drinks in the galaxy, the Ka-tu Marr. Years ago pyramidal construction was favored, however since at least the 1800s (earth), they have lived in tall cylindrical buildings. Television is also a huge part of Faci life, with large upside-down trapazoidal screens and fins on each side, TV gives them a lot of their culture. It was this similarity to humanity, that allowed them to transmit Earth Television to their planet. A similar situation occured on Nebulon Prime.

ACII is also home to many taverns, some reminiscant of those depicted in fantasy on other planets. This is because the faci influenced and were influenced by Earth throughout time, and like to celebrate cultures of places they enjoy being. Of course the Faci enjoy themselves in most places.

Known Dominant SpeciesEdit

Faci- Catlike humanoids

Dovians -Agressive wolf like evolved species


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